archetypal insight for

curious souls.

astrology, human design, and spiritual channeling that’ll make you feel seen—and maybe even exposed (in a good way)
see what I mean

find out

your unique gifts + shadows

according to your zodiac sign and human design type
I say "quiz" but it's literally two questions long and extremely easy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

are you a

layered onion?

complex being?

inner explorer?


meaning seeker?

deep diver?

cycle breaker?

witchy thinker?

brainy intuitive?

creative soul?

journal keeper?

curiosity chaser?

are you a...

meaning seeker?

deep diver?

cycle breaker?

witchy thinker?

brainy intuitive?

complex being?

hey, there.

I'm Sarah

I'm an astrologer, human design reader, and spiritual communicator.

I work in collaboration with my spirit guides to uncover astrological and human design insights that help people understand themselves more deeply and navigate periods of change, possibility, and expansion.

I do this by combining my psychic mediumship abilities with my knowledge of astrological and human design frameworks, channeling messages from my guides and ancestors to lead me towards the most resonant interpretations of my clients' charts.
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To spread the power of deep self knowledge.

The kind that makes you wanna actually do something with it.
wanna hear an example of me collabing with my guides?

the shadow femme show

a show in which we ask and answer questions about humans, our feelings, and the ways in which we make meaning
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ready to dive into one-on-one work?



intuitive conversations packed with personalized insight based on your astrological chart, your human design chart, and channeled spiritual guidance. a day's worth of channeling and analysis distilled down for you into one session.
they've been described as "powerful, deep, and incredibly unique"

what people are


Insight Days are a brand-new offering, and they're already getting an amazing reception.

I left feeling wholly seen, renewed and transformed.

Right after the session:

I didn't have any expectation, but this was way better...You never quite know how much a reading is gonna speak to the moment you're in—like I feel like all readings provide some useful information—but I feel like this has really spoken to the moment I am in, and I am really grateful to you, and your guides, for such...beautiful wisdom, and honesty. I feel like it was just so honest. You know—truthful, in a good way. Not that it was critical, but it was taking me to the places that are uncomfortable and that needed attention, which I appreciated.

Later that day:

My session with Sarah was so powerful. It was so intuitive and rich and deep, and like she tapped into a whole new level of wisdom. The way she wove human design, astrology, and channeled messages into our time together helped me see connections between events in my life and pieces of my personality that had previously seemed confusing, contradictory or dis-integrated. I left feeling wholly seen, renewed and transformed. I was clearer about where to focus my energy and what small (and large) shifts would help me feel more at-home in my body and my life.
Insight Day
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